Friday, July 23, 2010

Namco Vs. Capcom & Capcom Vs. Namco?! Discussion Part 1

So, I love fighting games. It's not really a mystery as I'm currently trying to independently produce two, and that about 40% of my video game collection consists of games in the genre, more if you count sub-genres. Anyway, when I heard this rumor, I got excited. Even if it doesn't happen, the idea, which has crossed my mind in the past around the time Capcom Vs. Snk was released, sounds pretty awesome.

So the idea behind this game is that Capcom would create a 2.5D fighting game with Namco and Capcom characters using the Street Fighter 4 engine while Namco-Bandai would use Tekken 6's engine and would play, I'm guessing, like Tekken 6. I'm wondering if we'll see the Tekken Tag Tournament system once again since that implements teams, which is a big part of the whole Vs. thing, rather well.

Namco in my Capcom?
Well, I can't say this for all Namco characters, but I'm not sure how well Tekken characters will translate into the SF4 universe, one filled with fireballs, high jumping, and combination inputs with less than ten buttons. Nina Williams, for example, is probably one of my favorite Tekken characters, but I can't see her being very good. Other Namco characters though, Soul Caliber warriors especially, will translate very well in my opinion and I would love to see them in SF4's style.

Capcom in my Namco?
Now this goes the other way with Capcom characters. Can we see Ryu doing a 10-hit combo? Probably. Can we see him in a game without his famous Hadoken? Not sure. If this game is more like Tekken, moves like that could be similar to Devil's Lasers in that they are a projectile, unblockable, but leave the user open. Also, would this game only have Street Fighter characters or would it involve the more unrealistic ones from games like Darkstalkers? Overall, even though I'm terrible at Tekken, I would love to see Namco's take on the cast. Also, will users be able to customize them?

As mentioned earlier, the teams in these games is what excites me most. The only Vs. game not to use the team formula was SNK Vs. Capcom, and I'm hoping the same doesn't happen to either of these games. So, here is a quick, dirty list of 20 teams I'd like to see, which I'll elaborate upon in future posts (forgive my incorrect spelling):

1. Ryu & Jin Kazama
2. Balrog & Steve Fox
3. M. Bison & Cervantes
4. Karin & Lili
5. Makoto & Asuka Kazama
6. Morrigan & Ivy
7. Vega & Voldo
8. Zangief & Kuma
9. Gen & Wang Jinrei
10. Dan & Lei Wulong
11. Fei-Long & Forest Law
12. Juri & Anna Williams
13. El Fuerte & King
14. Cammy & Nina Williams
15. Ibuki & Taki
16. Sagat & Bruce Irving
17. Guile & Paul Phoenix
18. Rufus & Bob
19. Jon Talbain & Klonoa
20. E. Honda & Ganryu

There are so many more I'd want!!!

I'll continue with future analysis of these teams and characters.

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