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Namco Vs. Capcom & Capcom Vs. Namco?! Discussion Part 2

So, this pair of game has officially been confirmed, which is awesome. Check out the link for more info, some screenshots, and a video. Firstly, I have to say I saw Nina Williams and almost melted. I'm going to play the crap out of her, even if she is just a glorified Cammy. I have a weird feeling she may play like a grappler. Blonde Bomb could work like Zangief's Banishing Fist and all of her weird combination throws could be various other throws. Ivory Cutter could be a good anti-air too.

Anyway, I'm a nerd, and I want to go through each Street Fighter character and pick, in my opinion, the best Tekken character to go with them, so I'm just going to jump right in:

1. Ryu and Jin Kazama

Despite Jin going all I'm-bad-but-only-to-save-the-world, Jin and Ryu are still the main hero characters of the game and teaming them together seems to make sense to me.

2. Ken and Hwoarang

Not my favorite combination, but with the ones later, I think this one makes the most sense. Ryu and Ken have their friendly rival relationship and so do Hwoarang and Jin, so again, I believe this makes sense.

3. Chun-Li and Ling Xiaoyu

Both being Chinese females, I think they would go well together.

4. E. Honda and Ganryu
Two sumo wrestlers. Again, a no-brainer

5. Blanka and Rodger Jr.
This one was tough, but an animal-like fighting team makes sense to me, and both have moves involving spinning.

6. Zangief and Kuma
This was a close call for me between Dragonuv, since he is Russian too, but Kuma is so much funnier and to team the original bear wrestler with a bear would be hilarious.

7. Guile and Marshall Law
I originally wanted to do Guile and Paul Phoenix cause of the haircuts, both both of these guys have the flash kick down pat. Why have only one team member whose master this anti-air attack when you can have TWO!

8. Dhalsim and Yoshimitsu
This one is hard, and it's probably one of my least favorites. Dhalsim is very mystic and unique to the series and there's really no one like Yoshimitsu in Street Fighter, so by pairing them together, I think a good team would be made. Plus, both of them can teleport.

9. Balrog and Steve Fox
Again, both are boxers, and this makes sense but both are also seem to always try and think of get-rich-quick schemes, as seen by Steve Fox in Tekken 6 so have these two, similar boxers on the same team would be a good pairing.

10. Vega and Lee Chaolan
I've always felt Lee Chaolan was supposed to be the pretty boy of Tekken in a weird way. I don't know if they would make a good team; they'd probably just end up arguing who is prettier...

11. Sagat and Bruce Irvin
Both are kickboxers. One is more Muay Thai and the other more traditional. They also both seemed to go through some sort of transformation where they aren't as mean as they used to be so I think this would make them a good team.

12. M. Bison and Heihachi Mishima
DUH! The two most evil characters from the series together, fighting side-by-side. Both have evil corporations, both have "died" more than once, and both would want to target the two characters on the Ryu and Jin team. It just fits.

13. C. Viper and Nina Williams
A bit of a strange one. Both are female fighters that do various corporation stuff, but both are also...moms. I mean Nina didn't really raise Steve Fox or anything, but she is technically a mom, which made me think of this pairing.

14. Rufus and Bob
The two overweight fighters on one team, both believing that big is beautiful and powerful.

15. El Fuerte and King
Luchadores and they both wear masks though King would probably get annoyed with all of El Fuerte's talk about the culinary arts.

16. Abel and Craig Marduk
Both are large characters that do MMA fighting. Craig was a jerk in Tekken 4, but less so in 6, so I think he would get along with Abel and his mysterious past or whatever.

17. Seth and Mokujin
Originally I was thinking Ogre. Both are scantily clad with strange skin colors. I think this could work, even though Seth would probably plan on using Ogre for some diabolical scheme. However, Seth copies moves, but Mokujin does it even better. Seth could probably learn something from this all-wood fighter.

18. Akuma and Devil Jin
Akuma is a devilish character and Devil well a devil too, so their pairing is a match made in...HELL!!!

19. Gouken and Baek Do San
Both are teachers to students who have grown-up to be pretty decent, though Gouken I think is probably way stronger than his Tae Kwon Do using teammate.

20. Cammy and Alisa Boskonovich
This was a strange choice, made on the basis that Cammy is now trying to find M. Bison's other dolls it seems or something along those line and maybe would feel sorry for Alisa being a doll of some type herself.

21. Fei Long and Lei Wulong
I think the similar names along makes this a good team. Though Marshall Law uses a similar style to Fei-Long, I think Lei Wulong and Fei-Long have much stronger senses of justice that make them a much better team.

22. Sakura and Asuka Kazama
The young, Japanese female, school-girl-esque characters that can kickass.

23. Rose and Zafina
Weird, female mystics that can do magical stuff. I think they'd make an interesting team; though they have different styles, their personalities are similar.

24. Gen and Feng Wei
Both are Chinese masters and kill people and seem to enjoy it to some extent.

25. Dan and Paul Phoenix
Though Guile and Paul Phoenix is a good choice, Dan and Paul are both very silly characters. They both think they are the best and brag a lot. In reality, Paul is probably the better fighter.

26. T. Hawk and Julia Chang
Both are environmentalist and have Native American connections in some fashion.

27. Dee Jay and Christie Monteiro
Though Dee Jay and Eddie could have worked, Christie seems a bit more carefree and less likely to be annoyed by Dee Jay's forever-smiling tactics and beats.

28. Guy and Raven
Both are ninjas who take their craft very, very seriously.

29. Cody and Miguel
Cody broke out of prison with his bare fists, and Miguel could probably do the same. They both also have that bad-fighters-bore-me attitude, so I think they could make a formidable pair.

30. Ibuki and Lars
Honestly, I want both in there somewhere, but can't think of a better combination.

31. Dudley and Lili
Both are very rich and very proper, at least until they get out in the ring.

32. Makoto and Leo
Both are a little androgynous and have powerful striking attacks.

33. Adon and Kazuya Mishima
Again, not a great combination...I'm running out of ideas near the end, haha. Both are kind of

34. Hakan and Anna Williams?!
Well Anna likes her men oily, what can I say...

35. Juri and Bryan Fury
This one makes sense cause both are rather crazy-evil and have been scientifically modified in some way.

Some other teams I think could work
Zangief and Dragunov
Zangief and Jack-6 (or whatever he'd be called)
M. Bison and Kazuya
Juri and Kazuya
Seth and Heihachi
Blanka and Eddie Gordo
Cammy and Nina Williams
Chun-Li and Wang Jinrei
Gen and Wang Jinrei
Makoto and Asuka
Ken and Paul Phoenix
Dudley and Steve Fox
Zangief and Craig Marduk
Hakan and Craig Marduk
Juri and Hwaorang
Fei-Long and Marshall Law (or Forest Law?!)
Ibuki and Raven
Guy and Lars
Zangief and Alisa Boskonvich
Dhaslim and Zafina
Akuma and Heihachi
Akuma and Kazuya
the list could go on forever...

I know that all 35 SSF4 characters won't be in it with one for each. That'd be over 70 characters, which would be crazy! I also wish they do a few non-Street Fighter characters and a few non-Tekken characters. Even just like one from each would be awesome. I do wonder what that Mega Man Vs. Pac-Man thing at the end of the video was hinting at. Overall, I'm excited for this game, and I wish it were coming out before Marvel Vs. Capcom 3! But it won't be released for "a while"...

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