Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battle High: Elemental Revolt Approved!

The 2D fighting game I have been working on for over a year with PointFiveProjects has been approved on the Creators Club forums for release!

This fast-paced 2D fighter pays homage to many traditional games from the SNK glory days. The story revolves around students at a school just for kids with elemental powers as well as a vicious gang known as "The Rivals" that bully students in the school under the faculty's radar. Beneath it's flashy, 2D fighting game exterior, there's sibling rivalry, unrequited love, and other high school drama.

Described by some as the current "King of Fighters" of XBLIG, the other members of PointFiveProjects and I hope it is a big hit!

For only 80 Microsoft Points (or $1.00) this game can be purchased through Xbox LIVE or from this link.

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