Saturday, July 23, 2011

Indie Game Summer Uprising

Battle High: San Bruno was recently voted in to be part of the XBLIG Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion! This promotion's goal is to get the word out about the unique variety and quality of XBLIG games and stomp out the assumptions that they'll all crap.

Me and the other developers at Point5Projects are very excited to be a part of this promotion and show off the game we've worked so hard on. Though Battle High was released prior to this promotion, we worked hard on making updates including balance updates, putting the game into widescreen, and mini-games to create a new experience for the game that he hope existing fans will enjoy and new fans will be attracted to.

Plans our to have the new update for Battle High available between August 22 and September 2. As always you can find out more about Battle High and other Point5Projects at our forums.