Friday, October 21, 2011

3,000 and Skin Wrapping

So recently, I just discovered that Battle High hit over 3,000 sales on XBLIG! It hasn't even been on sale for over a year, so suffice it to say, I'm rather happy with those numbers. I wasn't expecting to have more than 100 sales. Of course, the Indie Summer Uprising, regardless of your thoughts, definitely helped, and I really appreciate the work put into it by all those involved.

Because of this, the other members who helped on Battle High and I have started designing a sequel! There's not tentative date as to when this game will be released, but I'll definitely try and keep the blog updated with what's to come. So far I can say we are going to try and do a PC version on various outlets as well as an online mode and of course new characters and balancing.

Another thing I'd like to mention in this post is that I'm working on a Unity3D game, and one of my least favorite processes in the asset pipeline for 3D games has always been skinning; however, last night, I discovered a new modifier in 3DS Max that pretty much changed all of that -- Skin Wrap.

Skin Wrap is a modifier you can add onto a mesh in 3DS Max that allows you to transfer skinning information, vertex weights, whatever you want to call them, from one model to another. I'm not sure what math it's doing behind the scene, but if this first mesh is skinned really well, it'll transfer really well to you model, even if the topology is different and there is added geometry.

There are some downsides sadly; one of which is that you have to actually have one well-skinned character. The other being that the rig of this well-skinned character is essentially copied to your character. This is bad if need to add things or you messed up the first rig somehow, but it's also good if you need rig consistency.

Anyway, I learned about this awesome technique from this tutorial:

There are two other ones as well for doing LODs and props with Skin Wrap, and the channel has tons of great 3DS Max tutorial. Regardless, this technique and the download file included on that's video's page has made the process of rigging and skinning a character WAY less intimidating and time-consuming and I'm excited to share it!

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  1. Proud to be one of those 3000! :D

    Great game, I'm gonna spam it a bit more on my blog as well. :)