Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Battle High 2 In Production!

Ooh, new fancy in-progress logo!
Whether you wanted it or not, it's happening! The guys and I at Point5Projects have decided to start production on Battle High 2. A lot of new things are coming to the game that I'm excited about: new characters, new moves, balance tweaks, and visuals and music. Overall, a lot of changes. As to when it'll all be done, I can't really say, but I'd like to optimistically believe it'll be before the end of 2012. Anyway, here are some small previews of what is to come:


All games need polish and one of the nice things about sequels is that, if you are building upon the previous framework, more polish can be applied. One area, for example, that I'm applying polish is the collision system, which some people commented on was too simple and made it too easy to hit one's opponent during moments they shouldn't have been hit. During my previous project I learned about the importance of tools, keeping that in mind I wrote a collision box creator in a night. Is it very good? No! If I had to hand this off to someone else, they'd probably complain and I'd have to spend a week making it more usable. Would it change the fact collision boxes would still have to be made for more than 6,000 sprites? No! Anyway, here is a screenshot of said simple collision editor:
I definitely used a K.I.S.S philosophy with this editor.
Other areas we plan on polishing the game are effects and the effect system, character artwork, story, input system -- a biggie -- and other areas that we deem are important.

New Characters

New character is probably the most important part of a fighting game sequel. Battle High's initial cast had only 8 characters. Are goal is to double for the sequel! That sounds ambitious; thus, we'll settle for 4 new characters if it comes down to that. Anyway, I don't want to give too much about said characters away and/or their stories, but here are some concepts:


You see how those gold guys are shaking hands all friendly like? Yea, well Battle High 2's online experience probably won't be that harmonious...
The one feature most players wanted in the previous Battle High was online play. Heck, even I wanted online play, but the truth of the matter is that I'm not a network programmer. I don't even really know the first place to start! Now there are tutorials online and other developers I could probably ask for assistance in some way; however, the online experience for this game is probably not going to be perfect and even if I can get rudimentary matches working, I'll be happy. Will gamers be happy though? That I can't answer.

Playtesting & Community Input

Hopefully SRK members can help Shoryuken the shit out of any bugs in BH2.
Finally, the next big thing I'd like to try and do for Battle High 2 is get more input from people who play fighting games like those from the Shoryuken Forums. I think doing this will help reduce the amount of infinites, glitches, bugs, imbalance, and other issues that plague all fighting games to some degree. The real issue is how should I do this? Closed beta? Open beta? 360 Playtest only? There are a lot of different choices and hopefully I'll get the game into a state where I can start testing some of these.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more details in the coming weeks and months!