Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Battle High 2 To Do List!

So we've been working on Battle High 2 for quite some time now and as August approaches, I want to make a list of what has to be done.  Some of these I want to get finished before releasing a public beta and some of these can wait until final release.  Anyway, this list is to help me keep track but also let those interested in the loop!  So I just buckled up and am ready to go!


  • Create palettes for all 13 characters.
    • I would like to have 16 palettes.  8 are unlocked immediately, 8 are locked.
  • Create a new way to select palettes.
    • A lot of games like BlazBlue and SkullGirls and the newer Street Fighter games have interfaces to select colors more easily than just the test-and-remember-what-button-does-what method that Battle High 1 used.
    • Done!  I may need to add instructions informing players that pressing "Start" goes to this menu, but it is done!
  • Create Voice Actor reference videos for Michelle and Principle.
    • I have been creating reference videos for our voice actors like this for them to know what the moves for the different characters look like this one:
  • Create a PC installer for PC versions of the game.
    • I will also have to implement unique APIs for different indie gaming outlets like IndieCity, but I want to wait to do these.
  • New Menu Designs
    • Main Menu
    • Splash Menu
    • Character Select
      • Started working on and close to finishing.
    • Stage Select
    • Options Menu
    • Versus Splash Screen (loading screen prior to a match)
    • Journal / Gallery
    • Network / Matchmaking Screen -- we are going to attempt a network mode, but this will be the last thing we implement after the beta and possibly before release but screens will need to be designed to get this working.
    • We are also working with a graphic designer to do some new title artwork which will be used in these screens.
  • Keyboard Input Menu
    • This both needs visuals and implementation
  • Finish "Elemental Charge" for some characters.
    • This is a new feature that is essentially a status mode -- power-up, speed-up, armor, etc. depending on the character.
    • This will change Michelle's gameplay a bit as hers is very different than the other characters.  I'll just leave it at that for now.
  • Input new win quotes and new mid and end battle dialogues as well as setup the special "Dream Match" with its requirements and allow locking and unlocking for the secret character.
  • Balance
    • Though the beta will help with some balance issues, I can't depend on playtest finding them all and if there are glaring problems, minor details might be missed so I want to do some balancing.
  • Bug-Fixing
    • Similar to balancing, I'd like to catch major bugs that I find while doing playing before releasing the game.
  •  Update move list implementation and new inputs for existing and new characters.

Post Beta

  • Integrate received voice acting references into the game.  We've been receiving some cool stuff from voice talents like Kira Buckland who did voice acting work for SkullGirls.
  • Get a hold of voice actors for the following characters:   Khai, Principal, Michelle, Jada, Shinji, and Khai.
    • If worse comes to worse, I may even try my hand at one of these.  I'll warn, it'll be FAR from the best!
  • Have 5 songs created for the new characters -- Jada, Michelle, Klein, Principal, and Kazuo.
  • Have 5 new stages made for the five new characters
  • Implement new intro video
  • Implement new endings for all 13 characters.  Currently, endings have been written, but I need to implement as they style my differ form the original game depending on how the artist works.
    • I'm very nervous about this, but I'm going to do my best to do this properly!
  • Marketing 
    • Branding and marketing for the game will need to be done
      • Website
      • Cover art
      • Achievement icons (for use at places like IndieCity)
  • Outlet-specific code / achievements coding.
  • Playtest feedback and fixes from the beta.
Anyway, that is the giant list.  I'm probably missing a few things and I can update it, but I just feel like this covers most of it.  I'm nervous and excited and I'm going to start working on the things for the beta as soon as I can and hopefully I can release a playable demo before the end of August.  Also, if you are interested in being a voice actor or tester for Battle High 2, send me an email!  Thanks!


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