Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Battle High 2, PaxEast, & GDC!

So first, some celebratory news:  Battle High 2 has been released!  It's now -- or has been anyway -- available for download on XBLIG & Desura!  Like all games, it's not perfect -- some individuals found infinites in less than a few days, infinites which I hope to patch soon.  There are still some things I wanted to make better like improved AI and online multiplayer, but both of those can come in future patches and/or future games.  I just wanted to finally get the game finished and get it out there in the hopes that players can enjoy the game and help make it better with their feedback.  I'm also proud to say now I have three games published on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace, even if one of them is just a sequel.  Though posting in this blog doesn't mean much, I'd like to give thanks and credit to all the talented voice artists, musicians, and graphic artists that were able to get this game off the ground!

The reason I wanted to get Battle High 2 finished in the timeline that it did is that for the first time I will be attending PaxEast!  Though I won't be showing the game off in a booth -- too expensive and time-consuming for me -- it'll be nice to tell people that it's available instead of coming soon.  I'm not going to PaxEast to publicize Battle High 2 though -- at least not entirely.  I'm really going to rejuvenate my love of gaming.  Essentially, ever since I started working four years ago in the industry and working on my indie projects, I've found myself playing games less and less and when I do I tend to over analyze them, contemplating how the tech was done or the design of the gameplay.  I just want to try and rejuvenate that by meeting fans and playing games for enjoyment.  I am a little nervous though -- I've never been to Boston before or a conference of this caliber, and I tend to be rather shy when meeting new people.  Despite all this, my nervousness is more of that of excitement than worry.  Anyway, if you see a guy with a Battle High 2 shirt on -- on Friday or Saturday -- it's probably me!

If PaxEast fails to rejuvenate me, I will give it another shot at GDC the next week!  This will be my fourth GDC; I'm hoping I'm not too exhausted from the events that'll take place at PaxEast and travel afterwards.  GDC will probably be more about learning and networking than playing games.  The goal of GDC is to reinvigorate my creative juices, especially as I begin to plan my next indie game since Battle High 2 is done.  I also want it to help improve my attitude at work and realize that I am in a really good place even if sometimes I feel otherwise.  Oh, and a party or two will be nice.  Overall, the next week and a half is going to be pretty exhausting and a little nerve-racking too but exciting and fun and new!  I'll write about my experience as soon as I get back!  And to anyone else going -- coworkers, friends, and/or acquaintances -- hope to see you there and that you have a great time!

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