Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nearing 2015

Haven't posted anything since September, so I decided to write a little something.  The Halloween season has come to a close -- I know Halloween is the 31st, but the parties I attended happened this weekend. This means several things:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and also New Year's.
Normally, I try and do the basic New Years resolution in January, but eff that noise.  I'm doing them now!  Since that Halloween is over, I'm going to start exercising again and eating healthier.  This last Halloween season messed me up; I'm still recovering from a hefty hangover.
I also want to finish Battle High 2's Unity3D port BEFORE 2015.  This is a little crazy and wanting to versus actually will are totally different.  I started tracking tasks here.  It's a lot of stuff, but I don't think it's insurmountable; also, I don't need to finish every task on there -- but would like to.  So starting tomorrow until mid-December -- my holiday plans will make working on anything almost impossible -- I want to work fiendishly to finish Battle High 2.  I need to be careful not to rush, not to go overboard or get distracted on any one feature.  I just want to get this game done and out there before 2015 so I can use a new year to start over on new ideas and not a book.

I was Arakune from BlazBlue for Halloween; the mask did not stay on long.


2015 is coming up which means GDC is coming up, but unfortunately, I think I'm going to skip it this year.  I had such a bad time last year, and with the current controversies in the industry, I don't feel like going, suspecting that a lot of talks and panels are going to dwell on that drama.  The only thing at this point that would get me to go is if the talk I submitted on my book was approved, which at this point seems unlikely.
In the past few years I've noticed that smaller, more specialized conferences like Unite or Oculus Connect have been more enjoyable.  I feel like I get so much more out of them, so I think next year I will go to one of those conferences instead, and I've never been to Siggraph, so that's a possibility too.  Also, some friends have been talking about traveling to Japan, a country I've been wanting to visit for a long time, but the trip is expensive, and even though my job helps pay for conferences, GDC is also expensive, so going to a cheaper conference could help with this trip.  And there's always the possibility of going to EVO again, especially if I finish Battle High 2 in time to try and show it off.
Oh, earlier I mentioned I went to Oculus Connect, which was held in Hollywood, California near the end of September.  It was a nice, two-day conference that discussed VR, particularly from the perspective of Oculus, its future, and other aspects of it.  Going was important because I'm a bit of a VR skeptic.  There did seem to be a herd mentality to a degree, but based on the demos I saw, I was definitely convinced that -- to make a prediction -- VR will succeed, BUT I don't think it will to the extent that a lot of people want it to.

The Crescent Bay which was shown at Oculus Connect; it was impressive, but there was so much setup and unknown hardware that I question the feasibility for the consumer market.

What's After Battle High 2?

So let's optimistically say I finish Battle High 2 and release it on OUYA and PC.  What's next?  I could go several directions.  One is that maybe I can start the process to get it on Xbox One.  This seems unlikely though and a part of me feels that, unless the game is super popular on OUYA or other platforms -- which I'm not holding my breath for -- it seems like a waste of time and I risk falling into a trap in which I'm bored and frustrated by continuing to work on it.
Most likely, I will probably work on a new game entirely.  Maybe I'll do something shorter -- 3 to 6 months -- for mobile since I've never released a mobile game.  Maybe I'll also start a longer game or both and prioritize my time between them.  The hope is that if I finish BH2 before 2015, I can literally start the year fresh with no work in progress projects going on.  First the book was a monkey on my back and now this game is -- except this monkey feels more manageable.

Okay, maybe not limitless, but I have a lot.

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