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Future Battle High 2 Plans!

So a few Fridays ago, I tweeted this:

And it's true, but for now, that's all I'm going to say. I'm working on it, but even before an Xbox One version, there are changes I want to make to the versions that are currently live on Desura and OUYA -- which I can also say now exists in Chinese!

Improved AI and Training Mode

So in a previous post, I wrote about a talk Mike Z gave at UFGTX. In his talk, he put a lot of emphasis on the importance of having a deep training mode. Personally, I don't go into training mode for hours, so an in-depth training mode never felt important to me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it's a really useful tool not only for players but also the developer. I can make an AI do and see if the AI is corresponding to my requests and recorded inputs accurately. I think another reason I strayed away from it was that it'd be a rather large amount of UI work. Seeing that I could use this as a great way to improve AI as well, this will probably be one of the first tasks I tackle.

I WANT MY AI TO BE ADVANCED!  Okay, maybe not this advance

From Time to Frames

In the XNA version, I was using time-based system for animation and frame counting. Now, I do have a system that consistently increases times so animations are accurate, but due to floating-point error on different systems, this can still be a problem, so I want to change to a frame-based system. For example, if Jiro's light punch is 10 frames, it would be 0.6 seconds to complete (10 Frames / 60 FPS). If I wanted to change this and make the animation a little bit longer on start-up, in the current system, I'd have to change some hard-coded multiplier, but with this new system, I can just add a duplicate frame to the animation. This is a pretty big fix, but it's one that'll make updates and changes much easier to make. Also, if people were to ask for frame data, I can actually give them something that's readable and make sense. The biggest challenge is how to handle when the player has gotten hit since this varies. Hit while standing I think is about 6 frames now. If it's less I can just stop the animation before that, but if it's more, figuring out how to distribute the hit frames is a bit challenging.
Okay, I wanted an illustration for time versus frames; this is not the best.

Updated Audio

So I enjoy the music in Battle High 2 and won't be making any changes to it; however, a review did mention that the sound effects are a little on the weak side. Personally, I don't have the best ear for sound design. Audio is important, but for me, it's personally not the most important thing I look for when playing a game, so in my own work, audio can be lacking at times. Fortunately, I am planning to update the sound effects as well as work on some leveling issues between them and the voice-overs but with someone's help.

Just add "game" to the end, and it's pretty accurate.


This one has been, and will continue to be, something I struggle with. Again, people have suggested I inquire about GGPO, and I did a little more research, only to sadly discover that it's very unlikely it'll work with Unity. At the same time, I think I'd rather try and see if I can do some sort of online mode myself. It'll no way be better than GGPO in any way shape or form, but I'd like to make something that players think is at least tolerable and playable. I have some ideas how I'll do it, and the OUYA and PC versions will definitely be my guinea pigs. I think getting the frame stuff to work will definitely be an important factor in getting this online mode to work as well.

No Promises

There are many other updates I'd like to make -- new characters, new stages, new modes, etc. -- but I refuse to promise anything. As a solo dev., it's very hard to promise things. Heck, even on a large team, promises can be risky. There is a lot I want to do to make Battle High 2 the best it can be, especially once it's on Xbox One, but it's a lot of work, and unexpected things can happen; therefore, I refuse to really promise anything, even in regards to what's listed above.

Like this Shayne Ward guy, I make no promises!

DLC and KickStarter

So another thing I've been thinking about is how am I going to monetize this game in the future. Should I take a more modern approach to it with things like DLC or In-App Purchases? I do really like the approach Tekken Revolution took, making it feel similar to the days of the arcade; however, it's a free game, and it's not free to make. Player and multiplayer servers have to be maintained as well as new content pushed from time to time is expensive. Also, IAP sometimes have a play-to-win feel to them if they aren't balanced properly and turn off most players.
Another thing I've been thinking about is, "Should I do a KickStarter?" As of right now, I don't really need to do one from a financial standpoint; sure, more money would help, but it's not needed. I can still get updates and the Xbox One version done. A lot of people though mention that KickStarters are a way to get the word out, a sort of marketing trick. There are two caveats to KickStarter though. One, they are a ton of work. You just don't make the KickStarter and let it go while you develop. It's a living, breathing project at this point. You have to answer questions, emails, prepare physical rewards, etc. At the same time, if the KickStarter fails, it would probably be a huge blow to my ego, making me want to cancel the project altogether. Saying this, as of right now, I will not be doing a Battle High 2 A+ KickStarter any time soon, if ever.

Plus, I'd have to add this tacky image to the game, :-P

Rewards (and a mini-rant)

So one thing I want to make eventually is an deeper single player mode similar to Mortal Kombat 9's challenge tower. The problem is you want rewards for the players then. As of right now, the best rewards I can offer are more color palettes, concept art / imagery, and more bio information. These are okay, but not amazing. Again, more characters, stages, access to the original music, would all be great, but it's tough to get that functioning properly. I still need to think how I'm going to manage this, but there is one thing I know. I will NOT do my unlocking like Resident Evil Revelations 2. I'm fine with the game as a whole, but the reward system is irritating. You first do a difficult task and then a new item becomes available to purchase in a store using in-game currency. I hate this approach! If I can't do that task requested, then I'll just never get the reward, and if I finally am able to do a difficult task, sometimes the reward is so expensive I have to earn in-game currency before I can buy it. It's really frustrating.

I couldn't find an image of the store, so here's Barry kicking something!

I'm fine with either having to earn in-game currency to buy stuff OR do difficult tasks to unlock something, but both is so annoying. I'm also surprised more developers haven't tried doing in-app purchases for this. I think Revelations 2 would be a great example. For example, say I can't get S on all missions for whatever reason: lack of skill, time, patience, new games, etc., but I really want the rocket launcher you get with it. Now, I can get Revelations 2's strategy here. If the player doesn't know, the mystery reward might make them want to try harder, but if they know and don't care, they'll never try. I would be fine with this. Regardless, I'm surprised they haven't just said, "Give us a dollar for that and then you don't have to worry about it." You won't get the achievement, sure, but now you have access to a reward you'd really want. It'd be like a cheap, single-code GameShark or GameGenie without the awkward boot discs or devices! "You want infinite ammo?! Sure! Just give us $3 OR beat the game on nightmare mode." Also, imagine the player who beats the game on nightmare mode, "Wow, not only am I awesome and got infinite ammo now, I saved $3 I don't need to spend now!" Regardless, as of right now, Battle High 2 doesn't even have rewards like this, so I won't be doing it, but I also won't create a in-game currency.

Sad there really aren't any GameShark and similar things for next gen.  THANKS, OBAMA!


Finally, I tweeted, while inebriated at GDC, that I want to be more transparent about Battle High 2:

Ignoring the GDC is bad for me part, I mentioned I wanted to be more transparent, and what I mean is that I want fans of the game to know what I'm doing more often and try and involve them more in the process of making this game. I've taken a few small strides towards this, for example, I created this survey so I can get more insight on what players want in future updates:
At the same time, I want to use this blog as a development log more often and update it when I make small changes and show more progress. I'm not sure I'm going to go as far as dev streaming; if I were a full-time indie, sure, but with a full-time job already and the amount of time required to set these up, it just doesn't seem feasible. Also, I'm not sure how many fans of the game would even be interested in that.

Good quote, DL!  A good summary of why I want to be more transparent.

Anyway, this is the exciting start of a journey. True, Battle High is pretty old in terms of a franchise, but this is the start of me taking it more seriously and trying to put it out there and make it the best game it can be!

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