Sunday, June 14, 2015

Showing off Battle High 2, New Games, and More!

I haven't been too active lately.  I've been busy with my work and projects that I haven't had time to really write about Battle High 2's progress, which I think there has been some made.  Anyway, the first is that I've released new builds and Battle High 2's page.  I also submitted a new build to OUYA.
Everytime I work on the game, I fix a variety of small things.  Here is a current to just name a few:
  • Display Reversal and Throw Breaks more clearly (maybe too clearly)
    • If you didn't know these were in the game, it was probably because it's not displayed or taught, something I want to do better in the game as a whol
  • Kazuo's super armor attacks cause him to change color when hit, he can only be hit ones before interrupting it, and proper hit stun still occurs.
  •  Fixed challenge combos
  • Raised Michelle's Jumping Heavy Kick
But the time is approaching to start working on the Xbox One version, which I will do next week.  The first task will be making sure the game runs on the Xbox One console, but I also want to do a major UI overhaul.  I've been learning a lot as I work on my newest project at Schell Games, Orion Trail, and there is so much with the UI I can do to make it look better, work better with button sprites, and make it easier for localization.  Also, I need to improve the AI.  It's still too easy; hopefully with the inclusion of throw breaks and reversals, this will change, but I still need to make the AI intelligent enough to use them.
The hardest aspect of the Xbox One version will be deciding new features I should try and implement.  I've decided awhile ago that online is not one of these features.  I'd rather explore new characters and modes.
In more exciting news, I showed off Battle High 2 at a gathering in Pittsburgh.  It was called CREATEfest -- not sure how they capitalized it -- but it was a gathering of technology entrepreneurs.

Unlike something like EVO or PaxEast though, CREATEfest wasn't quite the proper place to show off Battle High 2 -- which was shown with several other games as part of the Pittsburgh chapter of the International Game Developers Association or PIGDA.  It was still fun though and fortunately everything ran smoothly.  This was probably the most stressful part of the entire conference was just crossing my fingers and hoping it wouldn't crashed when being played.

 It was awesome seeing people, albeit a few of them, play the game and seem to enjoy it, including one guy who had just played Capcom Vs. SNK 2 prior to the event.  Still, every time I see people play, I notice like 100+ things I want to fix.  For example, even with throw breaks, throws are too safe.  And originally the game's playing was made to be 4:3, and after some confusion, I made it 16:9, but I've noticed, this might be too wide and take too long for characters to get in during a match.  I've noticed with new games too, characters are a lot taller than those in Battle High in compared to UI placement and width.


 New Games!

So besides working on Battle High 2, I've had to take a break and work on some new game projects.  I have two in the works.  Actually 3, but I haven't touched the one in awhile.  The first is a one-on-one competitive game, but it's not a fighting game.  My goal with the game was to create something simple and try and get some footing on network programming.  I've decided that I'll work on this game during our company's Jam Week in July.  I'll write more about it when I start working on it.
The second is a strategy RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

I thought about this game after last year's EVO.  I wanted to make a game that used fighting game mechanics in its gameplay, but wouldn't be considered a fighting game.  Right now, the strategy portion doesn't have much to do with a fighting game, but hopefully as I continue to develop it, while trying to juggle my job and Battle High 2 work, I can start getting something more concrete.
Anyway, the next couple of weeks and months are going to be rather hectic, working on Orion Trail at Schell Games and Battle High 2 at home.  I haven't heard back yet about showing Battle High 2 at EVO, and a part of me almost doesn't want to anymore -- I'm lying, I'd still love to, but I won't be as crushed if I don't hear back or get a refusal.

Finally, if you haven't noticed, I am doing the social medias.  Besides updating my actual website -- -- I now have the following:
  • Twitter:   @mattrifiedgames -- I'll try to keep it to game-related posts, but deviate from time to time
  • Instagram:  @mattrified -- this one is not very game related and is mostly food related
  • Tumblr:  @mattrified -- this tumblr page will be kept mostly to game related content for my work when I want to post something longer than a tweet
  • FaceBook: .  Not as active as the rest.  The Battle High 2 Facebook Page is much more active but with posts mostly related to Battle High 2.
Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to update you with more soon!