Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Battle High 2 A+: Version

So, just in time for the one year anniversary of Battle High 2 A+'s release on the Xbox One, a new update has been made, version!

New Character:  Beat


First a foremost, the newest feature of this new version is Battle High 2 A+'s newest character, Beat!

Beat is a mysterious masked wrestler and water elemental.  Though they have strong slams like a grappler, they don't have the same stamina or low speed.  Beat's also has a lunging punch in which a bubble forms around his fist, destroying most projectiles that come in contact!  Beat is part of Version, which is a free download that should be available after 12/7/16.



I felt that releasing just a new character wasn't much, so I also added a new feature.  When selecting a stage in Versus or Training mode, pressing "X" will open up the modifiers menu!  This menu  will allow users to adjust the following settings:
  • Health:  Every wanted to have a set of first hit kill matches?  Well now you can!  With this modifier, health can now be set between 100% and 1%.
  • Elemental Energy:  Want to go one on one with no Elemental Energy?  How about infinite Elemental Energy?!  Set the starting energy, or set it to None so no energy generates, or Infinite to never lose meter
  • Stage Width:  This was more or less a suggestion from a player who felt the stages' widths were too long.  You can set it to 100% -- keeping it where it is -- or 64%, which would be one screen width, meaning the camera won't move at all.
  • Distort and Invert:  Well, I'll let players discover what that does for themselves, but these may be a hint at possible, future updates as well.


Other Changes


There's three new achievements.  One is for completing all of Beat's journal entries.  The other two are for fighting on modified stages in Versus.  The only other fix worth mentioning is a fix to Mai's light projectile.  It's hit stun was too long and made for a very easy infinite.


A Note About FightSticks


Someone on Twitter reminded me that I should mention FightSticks quickly.  I use Unity3D as my engine for this game.  Unfortunately, the engine, when building for Xbox One, does not support FightSticks since they are not interpreted the same as basic controllers on the console.  I put in a bug report about a year ago concerning this and recently heard back.  Unity3D is planning on overhauling its current input system; because of this, they are not going to look into fixing my bug.  Also, they do not know when this input system overhaul will be released.  When it is released, I'll do my best to look into updating Battle High 2 A+ and seeing if it works.  Note, most fightsticks should work on the PC version when that is finished and released, especially if said fightsticks are read as Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers.




So with this latest update, what's in store for Battle High 2 A+'s future?  Well, there is still one character I'd like to finish.  It'd be nice to get them done before 2018; however, it'd also be nice to work on a new IP and finish a new game as well, so, I'm probably going to take a short break from Battle High 2 A+ a bit, but not till after MAGFEST!
This is because I'll be showing off Battle High 2 A+'s newest version there this January!  It's a bit nerve-racking, but also very exciting to be showing the game off to the public.  I've never done something like this before -- well, that's not entirely true, I did show it off at a small Pittsburgh tech gathering once.  Regardless, I'm nervous and excited.  Maybe I'll even be doing a tournament! Anyway, from now until January, that is probably what a majority of my indie game development time will be focused on.  I even got this fancy banner printed!

Other Versions


Another thing I will be focusing on is finally getting the PC (Linux and Mac) version of Battle High 2 A+ to match the Xbox One version.  This shouldn't take much time and hopefully can be accomplished before MagFest.
I did get asked about a version for the Razer Forge (the OUYA successor essentially).  I can't promise anything now.  There have been graphic changes / improvements made to this version that could make porting this version to the Android microconsole rather difficult.  I apologize in advance if this never comes to fruition.


Thanks for Playing!


Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone who has played the game and supported me while developing it as well as those who have worked on it with me.  This really is a passion project.  My plan for this game was never to fund my own company or retire.  I know it's not the best -- heck it's not even close to being the best -- fighting game out there.  It'll never be a part of EVO; there'll never be a Mattrified Cup -- at least any time soon on the latter.  Heck, I don't even have the time or resources to attempt implementing proper netplay -- though believe me, if I could I would -- but I still appreciate those who play and enjoy the game.  Your encouragement is the main reason I come back to it and develop it further.  Anyway, consider this free update a thank you.

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